Consumer Alert: Love gas stoves? New York’s gas hook-up ban starts in 2026

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Do you love cooking with gas? Then you may not be happy about new legislation just signed into law in New York state that bans gas stoves. The ban applies to new construction. The new law would ban any natural gas hookups by 2026 in new buildings shorter than seven stories. That means no gas stoves, gas heat, or gas fireplaces. The ban would apply to taller buildings by 2029.

It’s an attempt by lawmakers to fight climate change. The emissions from gas use in homes and businesses account for 30 percent of New York’s greenhouse gas emissions. But when Deanna Dewberry investigated this issue a few months ago, the folks at Rochester Appliance told us a majority of their customers prefer gas over electric ranges.

“A really big thing in this area, you have storms, power outages,” said Jon Stowell, a store manager. “When the power goes out, you can’t use your electric range. The gas you can use a match and light it and boil water.”

But the environment isn’t the only concern. A recent study concluded almost 13% of childhood asthma cases in the country are “attributable to gas stove use.” Other studies have shown that gas stoves leak chemicals known to cause cancer, like benzene. Experts say if you have a gas stove, you should always have your exhaust fan on or a window open while cooking. Also consider using an air purifier in the kitchen.

As for this new state ban, New York is the first state to pass a law like this, and it’s sure to be challenged in court.