Dozens of cars stolen in Rochester every week, and online group tries to help

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The numbers are startling. In 2019, the city of Rochester averages 10 stolen cars a week. This year, it’s 83 a week.

Many of the owners of those cars have been helped by a Facebook group called “Stolen/Found Vehicles in Rochester, N.Y.”

Scroll through and you’ll see victims post the make, model, and license plate of their car that was stolen. You’ll also see photos and videos posted by people who spot stolen cars.

The owners often see their cars before they hear from police. In just 24 hours before Monday afternoon, there were eight new posts. There are also wild videos that show reckless cars speeding through streets and even what appears to be Genesee Valley Park.

Recently, Adam Deutsch, who lives off of Monroe Avenue, heard people racing around in. So he came out and recorded video of one of the cars that was ditched.

“So I think I may have spoofed them,” he narrates. “Because now they just left the car running.”

He posted it to the Facebook group. “And I was like, Well, I’ve got the footage. I might as well share it,'” he said.

Berkeley Brean, News10NBC: “You were fired up. What made you so fired up?”

Adam Deutsch, city resident: “It’s becoming stupid, like, I can’t take this anymore. Then yesterday I’m riding my bike and I see all the cops in Brighton from the robbery that happened just two blocks from here.”

Andrianna Arena says thieves got her mother’s car from their home in under 60 seconds. “All of a sudden we hear the alarm go off and we check and the car’s just gone,” she said.

Berkeley Brean, News10NBC chief investigative report: “What impact did this have on your life?

Andrianna Arena, daughter of victim: “It’s just a lot. She’s been using my car and I have a Kia, too, and I’m scared to drive.”

A week later, Arena found her mom’s car when someone posted a photo of it on the Facebook page. She knew it before the police did.

“I honestly think the Facebook page is doing more than the police at this point because it just happens every day,” Arena said. “It’s so insane to keep up with it and a lot of people have been finding their cars through that page.”