Fed up with crime on North Clinton Avenue

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Gun violence: It’s a never-ending problem for people who live and work along North Clinton Avenue. Thursday night, some people in the community sat down with city, county, and state law enforcement, and other leaders, to voice their concerns.

The meeting was organized by the North Clinton Business Association, which is trying to take back the streets and make the community safe again.

“We’re tired. We’re tired, you know. Enough is enough,” said North Clinton Avenue Business Association President Albert Algerain.

Business leaders and Algarin both say the problem of gun crime along the North Clinton corridor on the city’s northeast side is overwhelming.

“We are losing so many businesses and we are hearing from so many people who are concerned about walking the street, and concerned about the crime that’s going on here — and I think sometimes, you know, our citizens have to stand up. Our businesses have to stand up and fill the gap where government is not filling,” said Algerain.

Super Patel owns the Convenient Food Mart at the corner of North Clinton Avenue and Norton Street. His main complaint is that there isn’t enough police presence to keep people from loitering outside his business.

“We’ve been dealing with this for quite a while now, and now it’s just getting more and more aggressive and it’s kind of hurting the business now, and people are afraid to come,” said Patel.

Rochester Police confirm most of these shootings and homicides happen in the Clinton section, more so than other parts of the city. Rochester Police Captain Sam Lucyshyn says this problem will continue as long as there is no consequences for bad behavior.

“What we need is, we need consequences for bad behavior. You know, there is probably quite a few (more) gun laws in New York State than many other states, but we need people to be held accountable for violating these gun laws. Now if someone is being released over and over again for carrying different illegal guns — you know, they get arrested, they get released, they get another gun, they get arrested, they get released, they get another gun — that’s a problem,” said Lucyshyn.

Albert Algerain says since the City of Rochester is not doing enough in his view, he plans to take this problem to Albany.

“We will try to make a trip there and to let the Governor know we’re tired. We’re sick and tired of this and that she needs to bring some solutions to the problems here,” said Algerain.

Some lawmakers are calling for the state to implement a dangerousness standard to help cut down the crime and keep dangerous repeat offenders in custody.