UPDATE: Man accused of killing RPD officer gets new attorney

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Kelvin Vickers, who is accused of killing Rochester police Officer Tony Mazurkiewicz, has a new attorney.

Vickers appeared in court on Friday morning. His original public defender has an ethical conflict and can no longer represent him. His new defense attorney is Mike Schiano. Schiano recently represented one of the RPD officers named in the Daniel Prude case.

Vickers is charged with the murder of Officer Mazurkiewicz, along with wounding Officer Sino Seng and a 15-year-old girl, during a July 21 ambush. The officers were investigating an organized marijuana trade at the time. He also faces charges for the murder of two other men in Rochester and wounding a third.

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RPD said that Vickers came from Boston to Rochester because an accused drug ring leader, Brandon Washington, recruited him to kill rival gang members in an ongoing marijuana drug war.

Washington is due in Monroe County Court on November 1.