Man accused in shooting of 3-year-old charged with murder of Rochester man

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A triple previous felon has been charged with murdering a man inside of a convenience store in September.

Travis Lewis III, 34, is accused of shooting Isaiah Fleming, 24, to death inside the store on Joseph Avenue near Dejonge Street just after midnight on Sept. 5.

Rochester Police say both men knew each other and “had previous issues.” RPD said that while Fleming was purchasing items, Lewis approached, the two argued, and Lewis shot and killed Fleming.

Lewis is also accused of being involved in a gunfight on Sept. 28 on North Clinton Avenue. A 3-year-old, Marlo Joseph, was caught in the crossfire, shot in the head, and underwent life-saving surgery.

Lewis has been indicted on assault and criminal possession of a weapon charges in that case. He has been in the Monroe County Jail since his arrest in that case.

At the time of both incidents, police say Lewis was awaiting sentencing after being convicted of shooting a man on Dove Street in May 2021.

Lewis was released from prison in 2020 after serving time for a first-degree robbery and shooting conviction.

A Monroe County Grand Jury has indicted Lewis for second-degree murder as well as multiple counts of criminal possession of a weapon for Fleming’s murder.

His next court date has yet to be set.