‘Please be OK’: NFL reacts to Damar Hamlin’s injury

BUFFALO, N.Y. – People around the country are praying for Damar Hamlin.

What was poised to be a prime matchup between the Bills and Bengals turned somber and scary in the first quarter when Hamlin, 24, collapsed after a play.

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A tweet from the Buffalo Bills reads: “The thoughts and prayers of all Bills Mafia are supporting you, Damar.”

Many Bills players also sent out Tweets with thoughts and prayers.

Hall of Famer Jim Kelly sent out a message on Twitter: “Never before have I ever witnessed anything like this. The game doesn’t matter. Praying for Damar and his family.”

Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins, who Hamlin tackled before going into cardiac arrest, sent his thoughts and prayers.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also weighed in, saying, “Praying hard. Please be OK, man.”

Arizona Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt tweeted, “Please be OK, man. Please be OK.”

Quarterback Tom Brady Tweeted:

“We’re praying for Damar and his family this morning in Tampa. Moments like this put into perspective what it means to play this game we love. Thankful for our communities in Cincinnati and Buffalo for the overwhelming level of care and support I know they’ll continue to provide.”

After Hamlin was involved in the play, he stood up and collapsed on the field. He was given CPR, taken by ambulance and his teammates gathered in prayer on the field.

A short time later, the announcement was made that the game was suspended. Hamlin is in critical condition at a Cincinnati hospital.