Prosecution rests in Brighton Ax Murder Trial

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BRIGHTON, N.Y. – The Prosecution has rested in the Brighton Ax Murder Trial. Thursday, New York City’s famed Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael Baden’s expert opinion was put on trial, as he faced Jim Krauseneck’s attorney for cross examination.

Krauseneck is accused of killing his wife Cathy back in 1982, and the Defense believes the original autopsy report is far more accurate compared to one prepared by Dr. Baden.

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News10NBC was in the courtroom when the Defense said Dr. Baden’s timeline, and the factors he used to determine the time of death isn’t entirely reliable.

On Wednesday, Dr. Baden testified that he agreed with the autopsy conclusion on Cathy’s death, but disagrees with the time of her death, saying she was dead before her husband would have left for work.

Thursday Krauseneck’s attorney said while reviewing the original autopsy report written by then Medical Examiner Dr. Evelyn Lewis, Baden performed significant deviations from the standard, and authoritative practices of text book forensic medical examinations, to come up with his own conclusions.

The Defense says Baden’s findings are inaccurate when it comes to her body’s rigor mortis, the contents of her stomach, and body temperature.

“We think his testimony pivots on body temperature, and if you take body temperature out, our position is his position, his opinion is completely unfounded,” said William Easton who represents Krauseneck.

Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Patrick Gallagher said, “It is an opinion, he’s an expert witness though he’s allowed to give an opinion based on his expertise, and the jury is allowed to consider that that opinion. So while it is an opinion we believe is a strong opinion, and it’s backed by the evidence.”

Court resumes Friday morning when the Defense opens its case.