Retired tactical officer speaks after man found guilty of killing his friend Officer Mazurkiewicz

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Kelvin Vickers has been found guilty of killing Rochester Police officer Tony Mazurkiewicz and two others and wounding officer Sino Seng. The jury on Friday is still deliberating on whether Vickers knew he was ambushing officers.

News10NBC spoke with Mazurkiewicz’s longtime partner and close friend, retired RPD tactical officer Dennis Cole, soon after the jury read the partial verdict. He spoke about how the family, specifically Mazurkiewicz’s wife Lynn, and the tactical unit have been holding up during this trial.

News10NBC’s Jennifer Lewke: “You have been a huge sense of support for her [Lynn]”

Dennis Cole: “We’ve been part of one another’s life since 1993. I’m here for her. She’s here for me and the kids have been great. We’re all getting through it. The tactical unit of the Rochester Police Department, they’ve been awesome.  They’ve been there to make sure that anything that Lynn or the kids need, they’re there for. They’ve been there for me, we’re one family and we’re gonna continue to be that way regardless of the outcomes of this trial as it wraps up.”

The jury has reached a decision on all charges except for aggravated murder for killing officer Mazurkiewicz and attempted aggravated murder for wounding officer Seng.