Relatively quiet along North Clinton days after child was shot, and police increased patrols

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Cracking down on violent crime in the city’s poorest zip code. City leaders say one solution is to get problem businesses to comply with the law, or even shut them down.

We’re talking about the neighborhood including North Clinton Avenue, where a 3-year-old was shot in the head just last week.

News10NBC heard from the President of the North Clinton Avenue Association who is sticking up for business owners trying to earn a living. Albert Algarin is part of the business community, and says business owners shouldn’t be punished for crimes that happen on, or near their property.

“It’s gotten better. I believe that extra police officers, and second eyes in the area has truly helped,” said Algarin.

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Things have been relatively quiet along North Clinton Avenue days after a child was shot, and Rochester Police increased their patrols in the area.

“The merchants are calling me, and telling me that they’re grateful for what’s going on. Their concern is what happens when they go. Will it come back again?” said Algarin.

He does have one problem. City leaders have vowed to go as far as to shut a business down for being a hotspot that draws crimes. One such business is the Valero gas station on North Clinton. Corporation Counsel Linda Kingsley said last week made 349 calls to RPD for assistance.

“No single business can be allowed to function that way, and the law department will be meeting with the owner to determine what other steps will the owner be willing to take to bring those numbers down and to bring that property under control. If they wish to stay in business,” said Kingsley.

This map of the 14605 zip code illustrates the problem in the community over the past 9 months (click on video to see). The black dots shows three robberies. These three red dots are homicides, and the blue dots shows where assaults occurred. Algarin says you can’t blame business owners.

“The problems that are happening here are not the business’s problem. They’re not shooting people. They’re not starving people. They’re not selling drugs. The problem belongs to bail reform that these people go in, and out and have nowhere else to go to hang around here,” said Algarin.

He says he has one solution to help cut down on crime. Hiring an armed security firm to patrol the business corridor.

“Hopefully in a month or two it’s going to be much better because now security will go right to the business directly, and move people out, and it will be a big plus for police, and a big plus for us. Hey we’re doing something,” said Algarin.

We reached out to city leaders for a comment about the possibility of having armed security guards out on patrol along the North Clinton Avenue corridor. They have not responded.