Florida Couple going to prison for nine years for setting their child on fire in Seneca County

SENECA COUNTY, N.Y. – Seneca County District Attorney Mark Sinkiewicz, said the couple who set their child on fire, were both sentenced to nine years in state prison, followed by five additional years of post-release supervision on Wednesday. They are also ordered to stay away from their children for 17 years. Jamie Avery Jr. and Lisbeth Collado both filed a Notice of Intent to Appeal.

The DA said the evidence supported the charge of attempted assault in the first degree, which included video of the defendants pouring automotive fluid on their 14 month old child, lighting pieces of paper, and holding the burning paper close to the child. They did this five different times, and used pieces of paper of increasing size. They also tried to start a fire in one of the toilet stalls, but someone came in so they left.

Although they both entered an earlier plea of guilty to the charge, both defendants claimed they were innocent, and would never hurt their children. 

The Florida couple was charged in May 2022 with attempted aggravated murder, accused of trying to light their 1-year-old on fire.

Avery was a truck driver and traveling with Collado and their two children on May 3, 2022. The family was traveling from the Syracuse area westbound on the Thruway when they stopped at Love’s Plaza in Tyre. The reason for their stop and the actions taken at the plaza remain unclear. 

Responding deputies found a 1-year-old covered in a flammable substance and say the two tried to light the child on fire, which caused fires at the truck stop. While clearing the area, deputies later found a 4-year-old inside the cab of a tractor-trailer with head injuries. The children were rushed to the hospital.

The children were released from the hospital and are expected to make full recoveries.

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