Lifespan Helping Elderly Customers Worried about High RG&E Bills

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Lifespan Helping Elderly Customers Worried about High RG&E Bills.

News10NBC has been reporting on big surprise bills that RG&E customers have been getting hit with and the many hours many people have been forced to wait on hold to get through to customer service for help.  Our older population is particularly frustrated and Lifespan has been trying to do what it can to help.

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While most families live on a budget, those on very fixed incomes, like older adults, are already struggling with bigger utility bills and we’re not into the winter heating season yet.  “We’ve received a lot of calls about it,” says Ann Marie Cook, the CEO of Lifespan. 

The calls are coming from upset older adults on fixed incomes who’ve gotten unexpected and unmanageable big bills, “we will help older adults who have real concerns with their RG&E bills and connect them right to advocates at RG&E so they’re not on hold for hours, so that we can solve some of these problems or at least get an answer for them if they have a question,” Cook says. 

Making matters worse is that we’re heading into heating season and as News10NBC reported earlier this week, utilities across the state are warning customers of major price increases on the supply side of the bill, “this is just one more cost increasing on top of a lot of things that are going on,” Cook says, “it’s really making many older adults very concerned that they’re not going to make it by the end of the month, we’re worried and we’re working with them as best we can.”

Low income older-adults and families may qualify for HEAP payments in order to help off-set heating bills this winter.  Typically, HEAP opens for applications on October 1st.  For more information, visit: