Rochester man shot and killed by police was suspected in two shootings in his last days

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – The man shot and killed by law enforcement Monday had been on their radar since Friday night.

That’s when Rochester Police say the 35-year-old shot into a smoke shop on Monroe Avenue near Rowley Street – and they started looking for him.

Video obtained by News10NBC of the smoke shop shooting shows two shots going off. There’s a hole in the window frame of the store. Police told employees it could have only come from a shotgun.

Monday morning, around 7 a.m., Brighton Police believe Burns got into a conflict with another driver on Monroe Avenue. They say he followed the truck onto Hemingway Drive, and, half way down the block, fired twice at the truck – with a shotgun.

News10NBC’s Berkeley Brean: “The person of interest in the road rage case, is that the person shot and killed yesterday?”

Brighton Police Chief David Catholdi: “We’re still trying to firm up all of those details. I can tell you – that’s the home and that’s the way things are leaning now.”

The shooting happened near Morrey Goldman’s home. He heard the shots from his house.

“About 7:30 and I looked out the window and there were about three or four police cars here,” he said.

“So I’m concerned it happened on my street, but I’m concerned in general. This is happening everywhere.”

Early Monday afternoon, police tracked Burns to a house on Milburn Street and chased him as he ran in between homes. Police say he was shot and killed when he pointed a shotgun at officers.

In 2018, Burns was arrested in a hit-and-run involving an off-duty Rochester Police officer in Penfield. Investigators at the time said he admitted intentionally rear-ending a vehicle. When the driver got out, deputies say he then hit the car – and the driver.

Burns was charged with second-degree assault and leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. News10NBC is working to learn the outcome of that case.