RG&E and NYSEG facing penalties for subpar customer service

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Two public utilities that serve thousands locally will be penalized millions.

The New York State Public Service Commission says NYSEG and RG&E failed to meet its customer service standards. The penalties will be assessed through reduced customer revenue by $8.72 million for NYSEG and $5.9 million for RG&E.

Four other utilities were faulted by the commission for a record $22.5 million, which is nearly 10 times higher than the $2.3 million in penalties assessed in 2021.

News10NBC has been investigating billing and customer service issues with RG&E and NYSEG for more than a year.

More about RG&E billing issues:

RG&E/NYSEG have released the following statement to News10NBC:

“The Public Service Commission’s revenue adjustment announcement today reflects customer service and reliability performance, in which NYSEG and RG&E continue to make significant improvements and investments.  In fact, the Companies have already made significant improvements to customer service, drastically lessening customer wait times above the required metric, improving the accuracy of billing, and hiring hundreds of new staff to reverse the severe Pandemic-related staffing impacts on monthly meter reading and billing. 

The Companies also continue improvements on reliability, replacing tens of thousands aging poles and other equipment that contribute to outages, which impacted 600K homes across the state in 2022 alone. These are very real actions the Companies are taking daily and that are outlined in the joint rate proposal with PSC.”