Closing arguments have finished in trial of Troy Parker

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Closing arguments have finished on Tuesday in the trial of Troy Parker, the man accused of dousing a woman in a flammable liquid and setting her on fire.

Fantasia Stone stone was killed last April in her apartment on Jefferson Avenue. During closing arguments, Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Pat Gallagher said “the evidence is clear who is responsible for Fantasia Stone’s death. That only person is Troy Parker.”

Gallagher also brought up the video from that jurors watched on Monday of investigators interrogating Parker a few weeks after Stone’s death.

“You saw him. He seemed very nonchalant, talking about Fantasia’s murder,” Gallagher said.

Prosecutors say that video captured Parker at a store buying lighter fluid and placing the bag outside the apartment building where Stone lived. Gallagher also said video shows Parker entering Stone’s apartment the night she was killed.

Defense Attorney Robert Bahr said the prosecution haven’t proven that Parker killed Stone.

“Nothing in these videos will tell you what happened inside that building. That’s what they (prosecution) haven’t proved, no proof Mr. Parker intended to cause Ms. Stone’s death,” Bahr said.

Bahr argued that there were multiple conversations that took place the night of the fire and other key players are responsible. He reminded the jury to listen to the judge’s instructions, especially when it comes to reasonable doubt.