Former state trooper sentenced to 2 years of probation in connection to gambling ring

Trooper Sentenced

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. – A former New York State Police sergeant was sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty to federal charges.

Thomas J. Loewke, 52, admitted to interfering in the investigation into an illegal gambling ring. He pleaded guilty to obstruction of a state or local law enforcement investigation in May that could have carried up to five years in prison.

Loewke became aware of the probe into the illegal gambling ring in 2021 and alerted the ringleader. Investigators say Louis Ferrari II then changed the password and betting history on his website.

The judge said Loewke abused his position of trust.

The factors of the case meant that when he pleaded, it was to 12-18 months possible jail time. That was changed on November 1 to eight-14 months.

About 40 of Loewke’s friends were in court on Monday, incuding Schiano, his lawyer. He had 50 letters of support from police, lawyers, family, and friends defending his character.

The judge said he’s a non-violent offender with no record and jail wouldn’t further deter him from committing a crime. He said Loewke showed remorse and had a long successful career as a cop. And, since he had a lot of support showing his character, the judge said, “There’s no doubt in my mind, you will never commit a crime again […] and ignoring that would be closing your eyes to the obvious.”

When Loewke addressed the court, he cried and apologized to the judge, the lawyers, the New York State Police, and the people of New York for letting them down. His family cried tears of joy once the sentencing was done.

The defense wanted probation only, and the prosecution wanted a year and a day.

He was sentenced to: 

  • Two years of probation
  • 100 hours of community service (judge said preferably with children)
  • 4K fine
  • Gambling rehab (a program for those with gambling addiction)

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