Interviews with girlfriend of Brittanee Drexel’s killer released

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. — We are hearing for the first time from the girlfriend of Brittanee Drexel’s killer who says she thought her boyfriend, Raymond Moody, was responsible from the start.

The prosecution in South Carolina has released evidence from the case and the 2011 interview with his girlfriend Angel Vause.

This is the first time we are seeing this interview since Moody was arrested and ultimately charged with the murder, kidnapping and assault of Brittanee Drexel.

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Vause told investigators about Moody’s chilling dreams, fantasies and history of violence.

“He says they mean nothing to him,” Vause said. “They’re just like a toy in his toybox. He’s going to rape them for hours and then he’s going to get rid of them so that they can’t tell on him.”

In this chilling interview from 2011, Vause told investigators that Raymond Moody had dreams and fantasies of abducting several girls. 

 “I think he could be responsible for anybody’s disappearance, just from the dreams he says he has like, dreams of hanging somebody from a tree and then cutting their guts open and letting their blood run all over him,” Vause said. 

 Raymond Moody was arrested in May for the murder of Chili teen Brittanne Drexel, but he was on police radar back in 2011. Vause told investigators that she believed he could be behind Brittanee’s disappearance.

 “They just took the sign down from McDonald’s because we were there the other day and he said something about ‘Oh they took the sign down’ and I said ‘What sign?’ He said ‘the one with the girl on it’ and I said ‘why did they take it down?’ and he said ‘I don’t know but I was tired of looking at it every day.”

 Vause said Moody had fantasies of snatching teens and stashing them in the woods and that he wanted to take more than one girl at a time.

She also detailed things he told her he did in California that he said he never got caught for. 

 “He walked into their house in the middle of the day,” Vause said. “It didn’t scare him. He’d follow them home. He’d follow them from school and stuff like that. He’d just follow them.”

 Vause told investigators she was scared of Moody and that he had threatened her.

 “He says I will disappear and they will never find me,” Vause said. “I got children. I don’t want to disappear and never be found.”

 However, in later interviews with police, Vause did tell them she was with Moody the night he picked Brittanee and Vause tipped off the FBI again earlier this year, which ultimately led to Moody’s confession and arrest.