Hilton schools in session on Monday after threats against schools deemed not credible

HILTON, N.Y. – Hilton Central School Superintendent Casey Kosierek said parents should feel safe sending their children back to school on Monday. In a statement issued Sunday, Kosierek said that Monday and Wednesday’s email threats have no credibility and that extra measures, like making sure doors remained locked after school hours, are in place to provide an added layers of security.

HCSD parent Kristin Davis, who has three students in the school district, said that even in light of the added security measures, she is unsure whether she is going to send her sons back to school on Monday and questions whether the emails sent to the district were part of a larger hoax.

“The threat that came here was so specific, so it makes it hard for me to believe that it’s a hoax. But I would love to believe it’s a hoax. I would love that. I think for me, I won’t have peace or feel safe sending my kids back to school until I know they found who did it,” Davis said.

In a separate statement issued by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Greece Police Department on Sunday, officials said that “they have not found any links between the emails and local individuals wishing harm on the school, and that this has clearly been a hoax meant to cause panic and disruption in the school.”

Full Statement Hilton Central School District released:

Dear Families and Guardians: 

I am writing to provide everyone with an update since our community meeting on Friday evening. On Sunday, I held a meeting with the Assistant Superintendents, the Director of Safety and Security, and leadership from both the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the Greece Police Department.
The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office determined that Wednesday and Friday’s email threats continue to have no credibility. This was law enforcement’s position on Friday morning, as well as today. We communicated to law enforcement leaders that a contract has been secured for additional professional security presence outside normal school hours. In addition, other internal security measures have also been added today to secure our schools. Buildings will have one point of entry with our security staff to provide access until evening activities are done at each school. With the additional measures in place today, both law enforcement agencies indicated that the Hilton Central School District has exceeded their expectations for safety and security moving forward. Both agencies stated that if an identical or similar, non-credible threat came through, they would provide additional presence outside schools, but deem it safe to continue
our normal school day. We will work with our law enforcement partners on any future concerns that arise.  

Based on the feedback from our staff and community, a meeting was held today with all Principals to solidify plans for staff and students in case there is a need to evacuate in the future. If necessary,
off-site locations have been secured for our schools by our Director of Transportation. We ask that you contact the Safe Schools Helpline immediately via the website Link to Safe Schools Helpline or by calling 1-800-418-6423 EXT. 359 if you see or hear something concerning. This service is available 24/7 for anyone in our community.

We will be in session on Monday.