Hilton district goes into emergency mode after threats made via emails to media

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HILTON, N.Y. – What a terrible day for thousands of children in Hilton. An early morning bomb threat to every single Hilton school caused fear, evacuations, and a race for every parent to rescue their children.

The warning came in an email full of spelling mistakes.

“We placed bombs in the School District’s office at 225 west avenue Hilton, Casey Kosiorek’s [house] as well as all schools in the district: Village elementary, quest elementary, northwood elementary, merton williams, and hilton high school.”

News10NBC received the email just after 8:30 a.m. The motive for the threat appears to be the content of books in the school library.

“There is nothing more vile and disgusting than violating a child’s innonence [sic] and that is exactly what this school system has done. They allow and encourage children to read sexual content such as the book “this book is gay”, a book which contains graphic sexual content and encourages children to use hook up apps. This book is not even designed for teenagers but kids. You are disgusting degenerates that belong on cross. We will ensure all of you degenerates are killed which is why we placed a bobm [sic] in those people’s houses, they are responsible for the grooming of our children. It has been known for all of human history that [sic] the innonence [sic] of children is sacred. Anyone who violates that has forfeit their right to life, we will end you and purify our land of you degenerates and make our country great, we will stop you from causing the collapse of our civilization one step at a time.”  

“Evacuate the school and the houses nearby those addresses. No innonecent [sic] people will die today. Each location has 1-3 pipebombs [sic].”

By 8:30 a.m., the district had learned about the email and went into emergency mode. Classes ended at all schools and students were evacuated. Messages went out to parents and guardians as bomb-sniffing dogs came in. And scared parents rushed to pick up their children, causing traffic jams trying to get to them and get them away from their schools.

School is back open tomorrow.

Capt. Pat Rojas with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office asked them to be patient.

“Our bomb squad is on scene in case devices are located,” he said. “We made the decision along with the school to end classes today while we make sure all buildings are safe. As of right now, no devices have been found. We want to ensure the community, there is no danger right now.”

There is a meeting Wednesday night in Hilton about the same book named in the threat. 

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