PAB staff members call for unionization

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Staff members of the Rochester Police Accountability Board announced why they want to form a union Thursday.

They met with Rochester City Council member Stanley Martin and the leader of Workers United Upstate New York. There have been months of internal turmoil at the PAB. Since May, eight staffers have been fired or resigned.

Staff members say they want to be protected from mismanagement, retaliation and unjust termination. 

“We are hoping that the protections that we have will allow us to advocate for ourselves to better our conditions,” PAB Accountability Inspector Brandy Cooper said. “We’re hoping that we will be heard and that the leadership that we look for and need to further this mission will be present. It will be something that we receive and something that is taken seriously.”

The PAB released a statement from the chair and senior leadership saying they fully support the staff and their push to unionize. They also called on the city to recognize their union. 

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