Hilton schools field a third threat; Law enforcement says it’s a hoax

HILTON, N.Y. – Hilton students returned to class Monday, only for their day to end with another threat against the district.

It’s the third one in a week. And like its two predecessors, it has been deemed a hoax. Hilton Center sent out a robocall to parents around 2 p.m. Monday, alerting them.

In a statement, the district says the media received a “similar non-credible threat to our schools as we

Last week, News10NBC received emails Wednesday and Friday that bombs had been placed in the district. It did not receive such a threat on Monday.

“Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Greece Police have deemed it as part of the ongoing hoax,” Superintendent Dr. Casey Kosiorek writes. “The safety plans and additional security measures we put in place in conjunction with law enforcement yesterday have resulted in us being able to safely continue with the school day as regularly scheduled.”

A district spokesperson said the threat came in around 1 p.m.